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Sometimes only a trickster can reveal when you're fooling yourself. That's the lesson 12-year-old Cassidy learns when she teams up with the flute-playing mischief-maker Kokopelli in Tapuat, a fantasy world based in Native American mythology.

Action packed and filled with surprises, COIN TRICK shares important messages about anti-bullying and listening to one's intuition, while also building interest in and respect for Indigenous American culture.

Narrated by Michael Horse

Music by Shelley Morningsong

Listen at www.cointrick.net or wherever you get your podcasts!

Check out our new animated video about the series!


A modern take on the classic radio series The Lone Ranger, NO MASTER BUT DUTY tells the story of the real-life hero behind the mask – Bass Reeves, the first Black Marshall in the Old West.

Coming 2023